Friday, November 07, 2003


Here's one to start off the show!

Almost every intelligent individual who is slightly aware of his or her self must have asked this question. And it has been asked since eternity, maybe since the days of the first man and woman on this tiny little third rock from the sun.

Here is my poetic version of it.

Had written this on 8 Dec 1997, an unusually creative day for me. Was sitting at home, had just graduated, was trying to find a job or rather elude one for the past 5-6 months, searching for some meaning in life and pop goes the weasel. Wrote some 7 poems on this single day..

This one is called
Who am I & why am I here?
        Why do I cry
               & whom do I fear?
How have I come & to where do I go?
       Who do I rule
               & to whom do I bow?
What shall I do & how shall it be done?
       For life is nothing,
               but a big question....