Thursday, October 28, 2004


Just an attempt at prose.


You are alone...

Pitch darkness engulfs your standing form. You wave your arms and grope around trying to grab some support, but other than the cold floor beneath your feet, there is none.

Standing there in the black cocoon, you wait.

Your senses are on alert for any sound but you hear none. A shiver travels down your body. A cold tremor tingles up your spine. Your heart is pumping wildly, the blood gushing through your veins.

Goosebumps envelope your body as a cold presence suddenly writhes around you, whispering chilling silence in your ears.

You sense it right there behind you, waiting, coming closer and closer to you. You feel its gaze burning the back of your neck. The hair stands as you feel the evil chill come still closer. Your knees go weak and you feel your stomach in your mouth as you sense the sinister form behind you, approaching you.

Your scream is stifled in your throat as the cold menacing clutches come grabbing at you.

You are no longer alone...


A New Day

Another one of those poems (or you can even call it, a juxtaposition of words.) written on 8 Dec 97.

A New Day

Morning dew, the green grass.
Birds fluttering, the first rays of the sun.
The earth waking up, activity starting.
Water jingling in the brooks,
new flowers sprouting,
a cool breeze blowing.
Nature in its glory, a great miracle.
A new experience; a new day...


The Woman in Me

After a long hiatus, finally a post.
This poem was written for a good friend of mine, though I feel it also applies to all women in general. (Maybe for the fact that they are so darn similar... :-) ) Who am I kidding? Not one woman in this world is like the other, I guess.. though the same can't be said about men...
So here goes...

The Woman In Me

The woman in me, just wants to be.
A bird flying, over a calm blue sea.

In little things I delight,
    like sunny days and walks on the beach.
But occasional times of ambition,
    reminds me, of stars I want to reach.

Frugality in life,
    is what I believe in.
But it doesn’t hurt, to party with friends
    & do some general chillin.

The woman in me just wants to be.
With loads of free time, to go on a shopping spree.

Icecreams and chocolates and mom’s good food,
    are small pleasures that I crave for.
I also strive to maintain my looks,
    that others would love to die for.

Am a bubbly, happy, cheerful person,
    who also does an occasional weeping.
I would rather spend my time at home,
    and catch up on some sleeping.

The woman in me, just wants to be.
Sometimes independent, at all times free.

Feminism is my poison,
    female equality is my fight.
But my guy should be a gentleman,
    who sweeps me off like a knight.

Mood swings, I have a lot.
    Grumpy and grouchy, I can get.
Impatience is normally my forte,
    I wouldn’t ever like to wait.

The woman in me, just wants to be.
A mesmerizing presence, in someone’s reverie.

In a guy, the things I look for,
    are love, strength, caring and wit.
But he should also be someone
    that my parents would find fit.

My parents love and support,
    is what I always cherish.
The bond with my family,
    is something that should never perish.

The woman in me, just wants to be.
A beautiful flower, in the vast flowing lea.

The woman in me, just wants to be
Sometimes a mother, sometimes a child free..

But eventually, she will always be
The woman, unlike anyone, but me…