Thursday, October 28, 2004


Just an attempt at prose.


You are alone...

Pitch darkness engulfs your standing form. You wave your arms and grope around trying to grab some support, but other than the cold floor beneath your feet, there is none.

Standing there in the black cocoon, you wait.

Your senses are on alert for any sound but you hear none. A shiver travels down your body. A cold tremor tingles up your spine. Your heart is pumping wildly, the blood gushing through your veins.

Goosebumps envelope your body as a cold presence suddenly writhes around you, whispering chilling silence in your ears.

You sense it right there behind you, waiting, coming closer and closer to you. You feel its gaze burning the back of your neck. The hair stands as you feel the evil chill come still closer. Your knees go weak and you feel your stomach in your mouth as you sense the sinister form behind you, approaching you.

Your scream is stifled in your throat as the cold menacing clutches come grabbing at you.

You are no longer alone...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hmmmm a piece penned right after watching a horror flick eh !!! next movie I recommend would be an animated movie though just to maintain the balance !!!

happy, sunny thoughts pl !