Monday, July 26, 2004

The Pool

The month is coming to an end and I still haven't had time to update this.. well its never too late for anything.. so here it is.
Wrote this piece in 98 and may have overdone the creepy bit, but hey, who cares...? I've no experience with NDE nor do I wish to, in the near future atleast. So can't be sure on the technical or medical accuracy. But still, here goes...

The Pool
The blood is flowing down, unstopped and uncollected.
Try to feel it coursing down, the cascade of a mighty river of red.
You are growing weak, for your every ounce of strength is deserting you. You can't stand. Your eyes are bleary and the sight is darkening. You can't seem to see anything. Your legs go weak, your knees go bending. You crash to the ground, your eyes closed. The pitch darkness that has engulfed you, slowly giving way to a dim spark of light, so very gently grows larger and fills up your entire mind and you pass off in the glowing furnace of eternity and all that is there left,
is nothing but a pool of blood.


Friday, July 02, 2004

I Wish

This is the second attempt. Written on the same day as the previous one and is a bit more cynical than the former..

Disclaimer: If this poem reminds you of some famous indian personalities, then the resemblance is purely co-incidental and not at all intentional. Ha ha, you wish...

I Wish
I wish to be a bearded popstar,
    who ties his hair in a turban.
Whether he's croaking or he's groaning,
    people are always having fun...

I wish, a famous cricketer to be,
    who talks like, he was born a she.
But who cares, coz he is the king.
    And he's got it all,
        whether honestly, or by fixing...

I wish to be a hamming filmstar,
    who always blows his horn.
But "k k k clucks" his way to the bank,
    after spinning the same old yarn...

I wish to have a moving waist,
    and yes, also an extra thumb;
With my dancing and my good looks,
    I would leave the whole world, numb...

But above all...

I wish to be, good old me,
    with loads of easy money.
And all the glory, that comes along
    & who'd forget, the chics who'd call me honey!

The Hour & Half of Darkness

All right!

Lets welcome the new month with something lighthearted...

This is just one of the two attempts that I have made at humor so far. Hopefully more to come.. but if this seems juvenile, well, you aint seen nothing yet..

This one is about that time in every student's life, that they dread.. Atleast I did.. well, read on and see for yourself.. and no, I didn't end up as the protagonist :-)

The Hour & half of Darkness
A ninety minute culmination,
    of six months of sparse attention.
Concentration at it worst,
    a great attack of palpitation.
Who knows what will happen,
    everyone seems so very frantic.
As I rush around, memorising thoughts,
    my mind flies transatlantic.

How I wish, I did it earlier.
    It could have been so nice.
    It could have been so better.

As I ponder my heartwrenching worries
    and curse myself for brushing off my studies,
... but every time the same drama runs,
    as the darkest hour of every student appears.
Formally speaking, exam time comes....

The hour has come on,
    Oh Teacher! Save me...
The hell with saving, goddammit!
    Just for once, please, promote me.

Goodbye! Cruel world. You can go back to work.
    I could have been Einstein,
        but its all in vain now.
Now all that I am destined,
    is to be a government clerk.