Friday, July 02, 2004

I Wish

This is the second attempt. Written on the same day as the previous one and is a bit more cynical than the former..

Disclaimer: If this poem reminds you of some famous indian personalities, then the resemblance is purely co-incidental and not at all intentional. Ha ha, you wish...

I Wish
I wish to be a bearded popstar,
    who ties his hair in a turban.
Whether he's croaking or he's groaning,
    people are always having fun...

I wish, a famous cricketer to be,
    who talks like, he was born a she.
But who cares, coz he is the king.
    And he's got it all,
        whether honestly, or by fixing...

I wish to be a hamming filmstar,
    who always blows his horn.
But "k k k clucks" his way to the bank,
    after spinning the same old yarn...

I wish to have a moving waist,
    and yes, also an extra thumb;
With my dancing and my good looks,
    I would leave the whole world, numb...

But above all...

I wish to be, good old me,
    with loads of easy money.
And all the glory, that comes along
    & who'd forget, the chics who'd call me honey!


Anonymous said...

cute :)
but like they say -- 'yeah rite ... that'll happen ;) '


Anonymous said...

Hi Priya, pls ask vulgar to include ur name in the chain....thanks....Mohit

Anonymous said...

really cute humorous..:)njoyed reading it....keep it up-rambo :)