Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Keep the faith

This is a short para written in the summer of 98. It preaches the need to possess self-belief, to not get bogged down by petty failures and to rise above small misfortunes. This one is titled the same as that famous Bon Jovi song...

Keep the Faith

There are some days when alls wrong.
Seems like you've got up from the wrong side of the bed.
Nothing seems to go your way, you feel dejected, helpless and hopeless. No one's with you. No one's for you. Youré in the midst of a crowd and yet alone.
You feel suffocated, not due to external factors, but due to your inner turmoil, the storm that is brewing in you.
You want an opening, a break, an outlet to catharsise your feelings. Yet, there is no way out.
You feel a failure, for there is no success. You feel a loser, for there is no gain. You feel stuck up in a place where your'e not supposed to be. You want to know what is right for you. What is it you want from life? What is it that life wants from you? And the answer comes to a nought.

That is when, arises the true test of life. That is when, you can prove your true worth. That is when, you can fight back and get on top. And the one and only way to achieve it is faith. Faith in yourself, your deeds, your abilities, your right to carve your own destiny...

Have the faith. Keep the faith!!!

King Nothing

Another one of the hard rock inspired rhymes, here the James Hetfield influence seems heavy.. well so are the words.. here goes...

King Nothing
Sleep! and you will never open your eyes.
    I am your master,
        the lord in disguise.
Have come to get you,
    to send you yonder.
To the kingdom of darkness,
    the land without, the sky within.
For I am, the King Nothing...

Evil Me

This poem happened in winter of 97, that same creative day when I churned out some 7 poems. Had been listening to some hard rock, you know the Metallica, Black Sabbath kinds.. always been a fan of that beautiful cacophonic melody...
Anyway, so the influence seems to have rubbed off on my rhymes too as you can see.

Evil Me
Lick the wound, taste the blood.
    relish the moment, roll in mud...
Feel free, kill the herd.
Shout & scream,
    for you will never be heard...

Live in passion, die in pain,
    try to run, cry in vain.
Where so ever, you want to be,
    you can never escape the Devil,
        the Evil that is ME!


The following two poems were written with a space of 3 years between them and are dedicated to that mysterious girl of my dreams, the one who exalts me with her whispering presence and agonises me with her fading absence...

The one who is there, but still isn't.

Update: I did find her eventually and got married to her on Friday the 13th. :-)

She was a faded face in the darkness of my dreams,
    a mystery, an enigma to me it seems...
To visualise her, whenever I tried,
    she used to vanish.
Leaving me in a state of mental anguish.

But still, I tried and tried to see her
    and not a single girl I met could be her.
In the seas of my thoughts,
    she was like a white pearl.
She was and she is,
    still my dream girl...

Her face is tranquil,
    her eyes are the deep blue sea.
Her hair is a cascading waterfall,
    her lips are rose petals,
        teeth are pearls.

Her breath is warm as the morning rays of the sun,
    her talk is poetry, the laugh sheer music.
Her body slender,
    her walk graceful.
As I admire her,
    as I fall in love with her.
I realise, she is not there anymore.
    She never was...

Absolutum Infinitum

This piece, doesn't in any way reflect my mental state at that time.. was just being creative.. ;-)
Absolutum Infinitum

You’re fine! How am I? Alive? Dead? Certainly not at the time of writing, but maybe at the time of your reading. If not dead, then alive. If not alive, then dead. So far, so good, so what?

Enough about me, how about you? You’re fine. But what is fine? An idea, a feeling, a circumstance, a situation, a state of mind or a mere four letter word.

It all lies in the mind of the matter. If you like being well and you’re well, then it’s fine. If you like being ill and you’re ill, then it’s fine. So anyway, you are fine. I’m fine. The world is fine.

Funny, the ways of life. You come into life out of nothing and you go out of life into nothing. As within, so without. As without, so within.

You come out of nothing into nothing and go out of nothing into nothing. You are nothing but, nothing. So am I. So the rest. We all are nothing but paradoxes in this nothingness called “Life”. A mere existence called “Life”. Quoting Shakespeare, “The world’s a mere stage. All men and women are mere actors”

Life is a dream. We come in it. Play our roles. Say our lines and perform. The world watches. When the curtain falls down, there is no encore, no applause. Because, no one was really watching, though all were present. And then awakens upon you, the hard fact of life, that we all are zilch. Mere puppets in this grand show of hypocrisy and falsity known as “Life”, where all roles are pre-determined and all lines are pre-edited. There is no rehearsal, no epilogue and no prologue. You pass in oblivion to what people call life after death. All hogwash! Where is the place for any other hell? Or heaven! Heaven is obsolete.

Ever wonder how life changes from time to time. You change. I change. All change.

Change! To good? To bad? Too worse…No one knows.

We all live without knowing and we all die unknowing and unknown. No one mourns us. No one misses us. They all are busy wrapped up in their miseries and calamities, or so to speak. They don’t understand that they have done nothing, are doing nothing and will do nothing. They amount to nothing and eventually are nothing.


The time has come, to go, to love, to hate, to live, to die. So bye, for all, for God, for Devil, for life, for death, for now, for ever…………


The Walking Dead

This one, written in a burst of creativity and imagination!
The Walking Dead
Graveyards opening,
    sweet smells of decay;
Rotting corpses are
    coming out to play.

They are out here
    and they are here to stay;
Watch as evil unfolds
    and see life drain away.

Pain troubles them no more;
    they lost it long ago.
All they want to do is kill
    and kill and still kill more.

No one can stop them;
    nothing gets in their way.
They are the walking dead.
    for Satan is their ray.

As I watch their gory deeds,
    I can't help letting out a plea.
And I see them all stop at once
    and suddenly turn on to me.

The more I try to run,
    the closer I get to them.
They finally catch hold of me
    and drag me in their realm.

Inside, I see hordes of them;
    they seem like a great rising flood.
And all seem to do one thing;
    drinking, what resembles human blood.

My heart is pounding, as I see,
    they slowly start approaching me.
Death is inevitable and I can't flee.
    I am bound, their next victim to be.

They are very close.
    I can sense their scheme.
And looking in their eyes,
    I see a wicked gleam.
Holding back no longer,
    I let out a loud scream.
And wake up perspiring;
    realising, it was just a bad dream.


The Open Door

Another favorite one depicting the pleasure and pain of parenthood...
The Open Door
A gift of life has come to thee,
    whose innocent beauty beckons you to see.

The tiny feet, those eyes twinkling,
    the pretty mouth, the gurgling within.

The throb you feel, when you hold it close.
    The warmth of its breath on your neck it blows.

The first step it takes, makes your heart glow.
    When it gets hurt, your tears start to flow.

The joy you get, to hear it call you.
    And nothing in this world, except it, seems true.

You want it to be happy, even if you have to cry.
    To give it the best, you will always try.

The small successes it gets, makes you feel so high.
    than see the sorrow in its eyes,you would rather die.

How would it feel, for you to know?
    The apple of your eye, will one day grow.

Fluffing up its wings, will turn away and soar.
    And you will be left wishing for your child
        and watching your open door.


Another one written some time back..
Vision of a person
as it cuts through the haze.
Feeling of the eyes,
when they return its gaze.
Bestowed upon you
is the blessing of God,
as you look up to the heavens
in a fit of daze.
Blessed are you,
grateful you should be.
For you can look at the sun
and see its rays.
Think about those who live their lives,
in darkened nights and blind days.