Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Open Door

Another favorite one depicting the pleasure and pain of parenthood...
The Open Door
A gift of life has come to thee,
    whose innocent beauty beckons you to see.

The tiny feet, those eyes twinkling,
    the pretty mouth, the gurgling within.

The throb you feel, when you hold it close.
    The warmth of its breath on your neck it blows.

The first step it takes, makes your heart glow.
    When it gets hurt, your tears start to flow.

The joy you get, to hear it call you.
    And nothing in this world, except it, seems true.

You want it to be happy, even if you have to cry.
    To give it the best, you will always try.

The small successes it gets, makes you feel so high.
    than see the sorrow in its eyes,you would rather die.

How would it feel, for you to know?
    The apple of your eye, will one day grow.

Fluffing up its wings, will turn away and soar.
    And you will be left wishing for your child
        and watching your open door.

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Anonymous said...

a beautiful piece of work ...