Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Absolutum Infinitum

This piece, doesn't in any way reflect my mental state at that time.. was just being creative.. ;-)
Absolutum Infinitum

You’re fine! How am I? Alive? Dead? Certainly not at the time of writing, but maybe at the time of your reading. If not dead, then alive. If not alive, then dead. So far, so good, so what?

Enough about me, how about you? You’re fine. But what is fine? An idea, a feeling, a circumstance, a situation, a state of mind or a mere four letter word.

It all lies in the mind of the matter. If you like being well and you’re well, then it’s fine. If you like being ill and you’re ill, then it’s fine. So anyway, you are fine. I’m fine. The world is fine.

Funny, the ways of life. You come into life out of nothing and you go out of life into nothing. As within, so without. As without, so within.

You come out of nothing into nothing and go out of nothing into nothing. You are nothing but, nothing. So am I. So the rest. We all are nothing but paradoxes in this nothingness called “Life”. A mere existence called “Life”. Quoting Shakespeare, “The world’s a mere stage. All men and women are mere actors”

Life is a dream. We come in it. Play our roles. Say our lines and perform. The world watches. When the curtain falls down, there is no encore, no applause. Because, no one was really watching, though all were present. And then awakens upon you, the hard fact of life, that we all are zilch. Mere puppets in this grand show of hypocrisy and falsity known as “Life”, where all roles are pre-determined and all lines are pre-edited. There is no rehearsal, no epilogue and no prologue. You pass in oblivion to what people call life after death. All hogwash! Where is the place for any other hell? Or heaven! Heaven is obsolete.

Ever wonder how life changes from time to time. You change. I change. All change.

Change! To good? To bad? Too worse…No one knows.

We all live without knowing and we all die unknowing and unknown. No one mourns us. No one misses us. They all are busy wrapped up in their miseries and calamities, or so to speak. They don’t understand that they have done nothing, are doing nothing and will do nothing. They amount to nothing and eventually are nothing.


The time has come, to go, to love, to hate, to live, to die. So bye, for all, for God, for Devil, for life, for death, for now, for ever…………



Anonymous said...

a very self reflective piece.
good work.


Anonymous said...

A thought-provoking read, absolutely beautiful.