Tuesday, June 29, 2004


The following two poems were written with a space of 3 years between them and are dedicated to that mysterious girl of my dreams, the one who exalts me with her whispering presence and agonises me with her fading absence...

The one who is there, but still isn't.

Update: I did find her eventually and got married to her on Friday the 13th. :-)

She was a faded face in the darkness of my dreams,
    a mystery, an enigma to me it seems...
To visualise her, whenever I tried,
    she used to vanish.
Leaving me in a state of mental anguish.

But still, I tried and tried to see her
    and not a single girl I met could be her.
In the seas of my thoughts,
    she was like a white pearl.
She was and she is,
    still my dream girl...

Her face is tranquil,
    her eyes are the deep blue sea.
Her hair is a cascading waterfall,
    her lips are rose petals,
        teeth are pearls.

Her breath is warm as the morning rays of the sun,
    her talk is poetry, the laugh sheer music.
Her body slender,
    her walk graceful.
As I admire her,
    as I fall in love with her.
I realise, she is not there anymore.
    She never was...

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous !!!
All the very best in your quest for HER ;)