Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Walking Dead

This one, written in a burst of creativity and imagination!
The Walking Dead
Graveyards opening,
    sweet smells of decay;
Rotting corpses are
    coming out to play.

They are out here
    and they are here to stay;
Watch as evil unfolds
    and see life drain away.

Pain troubles them no more;
    they lost it long ago.
All they want to do is kill
    and kill and still kill more.

No one can stop them;
    nothing gets in their way.
They are the walking dead.
    for Satan is their ray.

As I watch their gory deeds,
    I can't help letting out a plea.
And I see them all stop at once
    and suddenly turn on to me.

The more I try to run,
    the closer I get to them.
They finally catch hold of me
    and drag me in their realm.

Inside, I see hordes of them;
    they seem like a great rising flood.
And all seem to do one thing;
    drinking, what resembles human blood.

My heart is pounding, as I see,
    they slowly start approaching me.
Death is inevitable and I can't flee.
    I am bound, their next victim to be.

They are very close.
    I can sense their scheme.
And looking in their eyes,
    I see a wicked gleam.
Holding back no longer,
    I let out a loud scream.
And wake up perspiring;
    realising, it was just a bad dream.



Anonymous said...

read less horror stories.
think happy thoughts !


Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!

~ Rashmi

Seema said...

Hi Rahul,
Good job! I agree with the way you have depicted death as a scary event. Now just to try something different. Imagine death as one that relieves you off the pain that life bestows on you. When death is a beginning... Imagine and try composing another poem on it. I feel you will do a good job of it as you have a vivid imagination. Good Luck!
Seema Gaurav

Anonymous said...

reminds me of one of ur earlier poem-Evil Me... n plz follow priyanka's advice so that we can have some more poems like 'A New Day', 'I Wish' n 'She'.. ;)-rambo;)