Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Evil Me

This poem happened in winter of 97, that same creative day when I churned out some 7 poems. Had been listening to some hard rock, you know the Metallica, Black Sabbath kinds.. always been a fan of that beautiful cacophonic melody...
Anyway, so the influence seems to have rubbed off on my rhymes too as you can see.

Evil Me
Lick the wound, taste the blood.
    relish the moment, roll in mud...
Feel free, kill the herd.
Shout & scream,
    for you will never be heard...

Live in passion, die in pain,
    try to run, cry in vain.
Where so ever, you want to be,
    you can never escape the Devil,
        the Evil that is ME!

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Anonymous said...

step out of the BLACK haze!!!