Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A friend of mine, wrote a poem called Stripped. I modelled this one on the same lines as her.
You can check out the original here.

Stripping my masks off,
slowly, painfully.
The destruction left me,
vulnerable completely.

Now I stand naked,
before the window, dark.
Raping fingers of the wind,
leave me searched and stark.

I call upon you,
to gather strength and reach out.
Hold my trembling self,
and leave me without a doubt.

Defenceless, I am strong.
I know, I will withstand the shame.
So strip off your masks and come,
and let me see the one, behind your name.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weapons of Ice Destruction

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, position, country, whatsoever is completely co-incidental and totally non-intentional. :)

Weapons of Ice Destruction

"Mr Bosh, Mr Bosh", gasps lil Ms Vice.
"There are some new developments,
and I'm sure you'd find them nice."

"Uh huh", says Bubya-man waking up.
"Why do you have to always disturb me?
Candi, why cant you just shut up?"

"But Mr Bosh, Mr Bosh, it's worth the toil.
You know our scientists working in Antarctica.
There they say, there's lots of oil."

"WHAT", he screams, getting up with a start.
"How come none of you told me this before.
We can't relax guys, we have to get there fast."

"But Mr Bosh, Mr Bosh, we might have to wait till a little late.
Some stupid environment protocol, entered in 1998.
Bans all exploitation on the country, till the year 2048."

"Are you kind of stupid? My secretary of state.
What kind of a protocol protects Antarctica?
I tell you, let's bomb her, before it's too late."

"But my dear Georgie, we dont have an excuse.
Antarctica is not owned by anyone.
So what kind of a strategy do we use?"

"You are an idiot, my darling Candi honey.
Go get my pupeteer, my man in distress.
You know him, the smirking Duck Kheney."

So off to get Kheney, goes lil Ms Vice.
While Bubya-man sits at his desk.
Pondering how to break the Antarctican ice.

"Georgie Porgie, pickle and pie.
The great face-shooter is here,
to wave your worries good bye."

"Welcome my Duck, thanks for coming.
We need to get this oil, you know."
Says Bubya-man, his mouth drooling.

"Patience my Georgie", says Kheney with his smirk.
"This protocol et all, is nothing.
But just a dumb political quirk."

He continues, "Come to me, My Porgie dear."
"Let me give you a little kiss.
And whisper my mastermind plan in your ear."

"Wow", says Bubya-man, "that sure is a plan."
"Lets present our new target to the You-En assembly.
And also tell them to forget all about E-ran."

So on to the assembly, goes the happy threesome.
Bubya-man addresses, "I have a plan for you ladies and gents."
"I'm sure it'll be loved by all, and disliked by none."

"I am a war president", says the commander in chief.
"There is a problem on our hands, my friends and allies.
And make no mistake, it's no small beef."

"There's a hostile reqime in the great southern ice.
Run by an Emperor, who calls himself, Penquin Bin Boosein.
He is a vicious, violent animal, and not at all nice."

"We must stop him at all costs, or we'd be killed."
"Psst", whispers Kheney in his ears. "Dont get carried away."
"And dont you dare mention the oil to be drilled."

Bubya-man continues, "He has WEAPONS OF ICE DESTRUCTION."
"Our intelligence says, he plans to use them on all of us.
To him, we are nothing but a minor obstruction."

"They bombarded us with snow and ice, this Christmas.
And left our citizens shivering and scared with cold.
You know what, they didnt even spare my armoured bus."

"I tell you, he's the biggest cog in the terror nexus.
And we need to stop this no matter what.
So you are; either with us, or against us."

The trio gets the vote and off they merrily go.
To ready up their armed forces and marines.
With only one agenda on everyones mind, "Blow Antarctica Blow"

"Operation Rock and Pow has commenced, dear world."
Report all the news channels and papers.
"Very soon on Antarctican soil, our flag will be unfurled."

The soldiers of the regime, with their stupid little beaks.
Proved no match for the mighty superpower.
The "Mission Accomplished" in just about two weeks.

Thousands of the regimes soldiers & civilians were killed, the rest just wobbled.
Who ever remained, were brought together for a photo shoot.
Where the world saw them cheering, Penguin Bin Boosein's statue being toppled.

The Emperor was finally located, hiding in a hole.
He was brought before a court and proclaimed guilty.
And they hanged him publicly, for his destructive role.

Now the superpower rules the great ice shelf.
It gives small oil cuts to all its allies and friends.
Who, in times of crisis, extended their help.

The trio are now drinking champagne, in the black armoured bus.
"Know what? There are no weapons of destruction anywhere."
Bubya-man sniggers, "Except of course. Those that belong to Us."


Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Loser Syndrome

Self explanatory, I guess. :)

PS: This was written on "All Fools Day", somehow I feel it's ironic, yet appropriate.

The Loser Syndrome

11 players, 11000 endorsements.
Where's the time to play,
with all these advertisements?

1 alien coach, who's more of a dimwit.
When he's done with politics,
he'll make time for some crickit..

1 puppet captain, who yearns to be the nice guy.
Strategy and leadership is a big zero,
which was proved when the team got the bye bye.

1 effiminate master blaster, who plays for the statistic.
When he isn't evading taxes and getting ducks,
he realises that the critics are going ballistic.

1 bald 26 yr old, who's obviously hid his age.
Doing nothing for the past 3 yrs,
has gotten him the public's rage.

1 angry big brother, who was earlier evicted badly.
Somehow worked himself back in the team,
but would rather see the management suffer gladly.

2 upcoming stars, who are more popular for their hair and looks.
They both know, that the spectators are fickle.
One good innings, is enough to get back in the good books.

The rest of the team are obviously the tail.
Singing songs in the dressing room is all they can do,
when they see the rest of their peers fail.

Such is the state of a great cricket team.
Who rode up on the hopes of a billion,
and at the moment of reckoning, they shattered everyones dream.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Equus Asinus

I guess, my creativity has started rolling. Another 5 minute poem. :)
Equus Asinus

A long time ago, there was a young and bonny lass.
She had a little pony, who didn't want to eat grass.

She loved it a lot, and thought it was god-sent.
The best thing in the world for her,
she rode it everywhere she went.

But she was always perplexed over something.
Because, everyone laughed at her pony,
and called it, "that stupid thing".

So she went to a wise man, and asked for his advice.
He was a kind man, and for her, he said, he'd waive the price.

He asked, "What is it that troubles you? My pretty little lass."
She said, "People laugh at me, whenever they see me pass",
"And my pony here, he doesn't want to eat grass".

He looked at the pony after putting on his eye-glass.
Then, gave a little laugh and stated, "Well my bonny lass".
"You've been fooled. Because this is not a pony. It's just a dumb ass."


PS: Equus Asinus


Touch & Go

After a long hiatus, I've decided to come back and write something. This just came in 5 minutes, so it might feel slap-dash, though it's not intended to be so.
Touch & Go

Why did you love me so?
If you wanted to leave me and go.

We had a great thing, for you, not to throw.
I always thought, we would be together and grow.

The Gods must be weeping, when they look down below.
And see us using different paths to flow.

A lovely pairing, but it didnt last for long though.
Why was I the one, you decided to leave alone in woe?

I realised, not once did you let your feelings show.
Even when you said you loved me, you never really did so.

You never really did so.