Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Loser Syndrome

Self explanatory, I guess. :)

PS: This was written on "All Fools Day", somehow I feel it's ironic, yet appropriate.

The Loser Syndrome

11 players, 11000 endorsements.
Where's the time to play,
with all these advertisements?

1 alien coach, who's more of a dimwit.
When he's done with politics,
he'll make time for some crickit..

1 puppet captain, who yearns to be the nice guy.
Strategy and leadership is a big zero,
which was proved when the team got the bye bye.

1 effiminate master blaster, who plays for the statistic.
When he isn't evading taxes and getting ducks,
he realises that the critics are going ballistic.

1 bald 26 yr old, who's obviously hid his age.
Doing nothing for the past 3 yrs,
has gotten him the public's rage.

1 angry big brother, who was earlier evicted badly.
Somehow worked himself back in the team,
but would rather see the management suffer gladly.

2 upcoming stars, who are more popular for their hair and looks.
They both know, that the spectators are fickle.
One good innings, is enough to get back in the good books.

The rest of the team are obviously the tail.
Singing songs in the dressing room is all they can do,
when they see the rest of their peers fail.

Such is the state of a great cricket team.
Who rode up on the hopes of a billion,
and at the moment of reckoning, they shattered everyones dream.



Rutuparna said...

Quite apt... tho in my opinion, its the alien coach who was the only one trying to do anything for the team... your bias towards Ganguly shows thru and kinda takes away a bit of credibility from the poem... you should write more articles like you used to for the company publication. Personally, verse does not hold my attention as does prose and I always end up getting confused as to whether to think about the content or admire the style. Imo, style can get stale, but content will stay in the head.

Rutuparna said...

Dhoni and Pathan?

Trying to guess.

r a w said...

I had Yuvraj in mind instead of Pathan, coz Pathan was in the pavilion singing Antakshari. :)