Thursday, March 29, 2007

Equus Asinus

I guess, my creativity has started rolling. Another 5 minute poem. :)
Equus Asinus

A long time ago, there was a young and bonny lass.
She had a little pony, who didn't want to eat grass.

She loved it a lot, and thought it was god-sent.
The best thing in the world for her,
she rode it everywhere she went.

But she was always perplexed over something.
Because, everyone laughed at her pony,
and called it, "that stupid thing".

So she went to a wise man, and asked for his advice.
He was a kind man, and for her, he said, he'd waive the price.

He asked, "What is it that troubles you? My pretty little lass."
She said, "People laugh at me, whenever they see me pass",
"And my pony here, he doesn't want to eat grass".

He looked at the pony after putting on his eye-glass.
Then, gave a little laugh and stated, "Well my bonny lass".
"You've been fooled. Because this is not a pony. It's just a dumb ass."


PS: Equus Asinus



Rutuparna said...

Hehe... I like this one...quite funny... really good for a 5 min effort... and very easy to read too... I am no longer a fan of those heavy and deep poems and this one was very refreshing...

Avanti said...

Hehehe....good one don't go idle on ur blog again...

r a w said...

Thanks Rutu & Av.. I'll try to be more lighthearted on the blog from now on.. :)