Thursday, March 29, 2007

Touch & Go

After a long hiatus, I've decided to come back and write something. This just came in 5 minutes, so it might feel slap-dash, though it's not intended to be so.
Touch & Go

Why did you love me so?
If you wanted to leave me and go.

We had a great thing, for you, not to throw.
I always thought, we would be together and grow.

The Gods must be weeping, when they look down below.
And see us using different paths to flow.

A lovely pairing, but it didnt last for long though.
Why was I the one, you decided to leave alone in woe?

I realised, not once did you let your feelings show.
Even when you said you loved me, you never really did so.

You never really did so.



Rutuparna said...

Quite touching... maybe it wasnt your intention..but the poem talks to me about how sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that our feelings are reciprocated even when they are actually not... we twist everything to fit our views and desires... loved it...

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, though it makes you seem very cynical about falling inlove.