Friday, July 02, 2004

The Hour & Half of Darkness

All right!

Lets welcome the new month with something lighthearted...

This is just one of the two attempts that I have made at humor so far. Hopefully more to come.. but if this seems juvenile, well, you aint seen nothing yet..

This one is about that time in every student's life, that they dread.. Atleast I did.. well, read on and see for yourself.. and no, I didn't end up as the protagonist :-)

The Hour & half of Darkness
A ninety minute culmination,
    of six months of sparse attention.
Concentration at it worst,
    a great attack of palpitation.
Who knows what will happen,
    everyone seems so very frantic.
As I rush around, memorising thoughts,
    my mind flies transatlantic.

How I wish, I did it earlier.
    It could have been so nice.
    It could have been so better.

As I ponder my heartwrenching worries
    and curse myself for brushing off my studies,
... but every time the same drama runs,
    as the darkest hour of every student appears.
Formally speaking, exam time comes....

The hour has come on,
    Oh Teacher! Save me...
The hell with saving, goddammit!
    Just for once, please, promote me.

Goodbye! Cruel world. You can go back to work.
    I could have been Einstein,
        but its all in vain now.
Now all that I am destined,
    is to be a government clerk.

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Anonymous said...

for a poet of ur 'style' this is a surprisingly , refreshingly realistic but nice piece...