Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Machine Head

This poem was written long before Eminem came onto the scene.. so if it seems similar (with all the anger and violence and fight back..); well, he copied me. I didn't.. :-) (but anyways, he doesn't mean what he says and so don't I)

About the poem, well,
Its about all those kids, young and old people alike; who are being pushed in a corner by the bullies of this world... The poem tells that it's a dog-eat-dog world and you need to fight back on your own... no one will stand for you, no one will be there for you, no one but you alone can fight for yourself.. The poem says so, not me... :-)

The Machine Head
Hey kid!!!

Don't sit in the corner,
    tears shouldn't be spent...
Keep your angst within,
    do not give it a vent!

Wake up to the fact,
    that you are not yet dead.
So what's the big deal?
    That makes you lose your head...

What does lie above,
    needn't be present beneath.
But all that matters is;
    that the sickle cuts the sheath.

Become the sickle,
    and you will win.
Chops their heads off,
    who try to barge in.

Skew them or skin them,
    no one need be spared.
For to be a winner, you need to;
    become a Machine Head.........


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Anonymous said...

very realistic view of competition in todays world !!!

good work :)